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Welcome into The God's Rose.
Here you will find tools to assist you in your ascension process.

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Free Monthly gatherings and newsletters to discuss occult sciences including khemetic and vedic wisdom. 

The more we immerse ourselves into seeking and sharing higher knowledge, the further we expand.

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Our Offerings

The Rose is a cosmic symbol of everlasting life, the continuous cycle of birth and death. Through this cycle we heal. The Gods Rose focuses on supporting individuals' processes on expansion through cellular rebirth.


Kambo Temple
(body) Cleansing

Kambo medicine known as the vaccine of the rainforest is a strong detox of the entire lymphatic system, boosting the immune system. This powerful medicine kills parasites within the body resulting in a multitude of mental and physical health benefits.   


Yoga and Group Healings

Yoga is a method of self-actualization using breath, meditation, selfless service, s physical movements/postures, study of higher knowledge, and sound vibrations. Join us for virtual and in person hatha yoga practice, lectures, meditation circles, sound journeys, and discussion groups.

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Master Plant Ceremonies 

Master Plants can support us in our journeys by helping us see what is within. We commune for ceremonies to learn from these master plants to dive deep into our subconcious and become the master of our own mind and universe.

Remember what is hidden inside

Hidden inside the petals of a rose is potent medicine that is anti-oxidating, anti-parasitic, high in vitamins and minerals with profound effects on the body and spirit. A similar medicine is hidden within each of us. 

The Gods Rose offers tools for remembering your own unique magik and abilities. What we offer includes master plant ceremonies, supporting herbs, yoga, meditation, sound therapy, and sacred initiations.

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Herbal Remedies

Herbal formulas for assisting in physical and spiritual healing.

Our Philosophy

We move within the virtues of Ma'at. Speaking Truth to be harmonious with the Universe. Through Ma'at we keep order, balance, and justice in our lives.

Co-Founders Amani India Mamodesene and Tehron George El

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