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Our Story

Welcome to The Gods Rose, a sanctuary born from the shared vision of two devoted friends, Amani India Mamodesene and Tehron George El. Their journey began with a shared passion for ancient wisdom traditions, a love for nature, and a mutual desire to create spaces of healing and transformation.

The sacred mysteries of plant medicines had revealed itself to Amani and Tehron individually teaching them their ancestral practices which eventually led them to meeting each other in ceremony. Amani's initiations into Sampoorna Yoga and Tehron's mastery of martial arts became complementary strengths creating a harmonious balance, fusing the healing power of plants with the discipline of martial arts and the spiritual elevation of yoga. The Gods Rose is a haven for those seeking a deeper connection to self and the universe. Through ceremonies, workshops, and immersive practices, they invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

 Together, we explore the boundless potential that lies within and honor the timeless teachings that have illuminated the way for generations past. Welcome to The Gods Rose.


Their is no place more holy than the space you are standing in right now. 

We are our temple. The God's Rose does not reside at one specific location. We are living breathing moving temple with offerings for you at home as well as traveling in-person gatherings and ceremonies.

Our founders are currently based in the D.C area, North Carolina, and Florida.


Meet Our Founders

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Amani India Mamodesene

Sampoorna Yoga Teacher & Ceremony Facilitator

  Amani Mamodesene was born and raised amidst the vibrant rhythm of Washington D.C., a city known for its dynamic energy and diverse culture. From a young age, Amani exhibited a natural inclination towards holistic well-being and a profound curiosity about the mind-body-spirit connection. Her upbringing in a multicultural environment provided a fertile ground for her to explore various healing modalities.

Embarking on the Path of Yoga: As Amani entered adulthood, she discovered the transformative power of yoga. Drawn to its ability to cultivate inner peace amidst the urban chaos, she delved deep into the ancient practice. Leading her to becoming initiated into the Sivananda lineage of yoga by a gifted mentor, as well being guiding through the study of kemetic yoga, she honed her skills and embraced yoga as a way of life. Amani's unique approach weaves together traditional yoga philosophy with a modern, urban perspective.

The Emergence of the Urban Medicine Woman: Amani's journey into holistic healing did not stop with yoga. As deep meditation started to change her world the plant wisdom of her ancestors began calling out to her. She was invited into a series of entheogen ceremonies each one like a class from her ancestors and spirit guides on how to transmute energy and use the tools they left for her. Naturally diving into the study of herbal medicine and indigenous healing practices. This fusion of ancient wisdom and contemporary urban living led her to become a modern-day medicine woman.

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Tehron George El

Entheogenic Ceremony Facilitator

  Tehron George El was born and raised in the heart of an urban neighborhood, where the rhythm of life was often a symphony of challenges and resilience. Growing up, Tehron was exposed to the raw vitality of his community, which instilled in him a deep sense of determination and a desire to rise above adversity.

The Call to the Path: From a young age, Tehron showed a natural aptitude for martial arts. Drawn to the discipline and philosophy behind the practice, he sought guidance from local mentors and teachers. Through martial arts, Tehron found not only physical strength, but also a profound connection to the power within himself and the world around him.

The Fusion of Warrior and Healer: As Tehron's martial arts skills flourished, so too did his spiritual awareness. Encountering a series of transformative experiences, he felt called to fight holistically, which meant attacking false programming and diet. He went on an extended juice fast cleansing the toxins in his body. This led him to study naturopathic wellness, bringing him to entheogens and the indigenous practices of his ancestors. His first ceremony reactivated codes in his DNA from lifetimes of working with the sacraments. He began to meet shamans who mentored him in facilitating Kambo, a warrior medicine. This integration of warrior and healer became the cornerstone of Tehron's unique path.

Legacy: Tehron remains deeply committed to his roots in the neighborhood. He channels his experiences and wisdom into mentoring youth, offering them a path towards self-discovery and resilience. Through ceremonies, classes, and community events, Tehron empowers young minds to rise above challenges and embrace their own inner warriors. His work reminds us that even in the most challenging environments, there exists the potential for growth, healing, and empowerment.

Tehron's legacy is one of strength, wisdom, and community empowerment—a testament to the potential that lies within us all, regardless of where we come from. His story serves as an inspiration for those seeking to rise above adversity and discover their own inner sanctuary of strength and healing.

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