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Embracing Kambo: A Shamanic Perspective on Healing and Transformation

  In the heart of the Amazon rainforest, where the rhythms of nature harmonize with the pulse of life itself, lies an ancient wisdom known as Kambo. For generations, indigenous tribes have revered this sacred secretion from the Phyllomedusa bicolor tree frog as a powerful conduit for healing and spiritual growth. From a shamanic perspective, Kambo offers a profound journey towards holistic well-being and inner transformation.

A Gateway to the Spirit Realm

  Kambo is not psychoactive yet is so more than a physical substance; it is a sacred ally, a bridge that connects the material world with the realms beyond. As the practitioner applies the Kambo points to the seeker's skin, a sacred dialogue begins, one that transcends language and resonates with the very soul of the individual. Kambo guides the seeker on a journey of purification, helping to release stagnant energies and connect with the deeper aspects of the self.

Illuminating the Benefits

Spiritual Rebirth

  Kambo is a powerful catalyst for spiritual rebirth. It helps individuals shed old patterns, traumas, and negative energies, enabling them to start anew on their journey towards wholeness. 

Physical and Mental Detoxification

  Kambo is considered "the vaccine of the rainforest" it cleanses the body at a deep level, with the ability to purge deep rooted toxins and parasites from the body. In yoga the "body" is classified in three layers the physical body, the astral/mental body, and the bliss body. This detoxification processes purges at both the physical and astral levels, to be able to experience the bliss body.

Kambo is used as a way to rejuvenate the body, boosting the immune system, ridding of many diseases, and promoting overall well-being. 


Results that have been experienced by individuals after their Kambo treatments includes eradication of STDs, removal of infections, increased mood and sexual drive/libido, increased blood circulation, decrease of anxiety.

By addressing repressed emotions and unresolved traumas, Kambo allows individuals to experience emotional release and healing. 

The purgative properties of Kambo often result in mental clarity and a sense of heightened awareness. 

Science behind Kambo - Earth Technology:

Vittorio Erspamer, a Scientist and Nobel Peace Prize nominee from the University of Rome, stated that the Kambo secretion contains a “fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications, unequaled by any other amphibian”. This "fantastic chemical cocktail" is something that has been naturally revealed to the traditional medicine carriers of Kambo. The chemicals spoken of are peptides that work beautifully together to heal the body.

5 active peptides in Kambo

Phyllomedusin   – A neuropeptide known for its potent vasodilator effects. This is what helps increase blood flow creating a flushing warmth throughout the body. This induces contractions at the smooth muscle level and causes toxins in the gastrointestinal tract, including the salivary glands, stomach, small and large intestine, pancreas, and gallbladder to secrete out. Ultimately causing the purging effects commonly experienced during Kambo treatment.

Phyllocaerulein - This is the peptide responsible for the mood enhancement of kambo, playing a big role in the psycological effects of kambo. It is a natural pain killer and anti-psychotic. This peptide also lowers blood pressure and regulates body temperature.

Phyllokinin - Responsible for regulating vascular permeability. This works in combination with the other peptides to allow the treatment to reach all of your blood cells. Physically this can cause temporary inflammation.

Dermaseptins - This is a family of peptides that work together to create anti-fungal and anti-microbial properties. 

Dermorphin - A peptide that binds to mu-type opioid receptor. Only a small amount is found in Kambo for it is a very potent pain reliever. Dermorphin has been found to be 40-50 times stronger than morphine. Its high potency prevents the body to be capable of developing any addiction or dependency. 

A Journey of Respect and Reverence

   Approaching Kambo treatment requires a deep reverence for the ancient traditions that have safeguarded this wisdom for countless generations. Seekers should approach the ceremony with humility, openness, and a willingness to surrender to the guidance of the frog spirit.

In the hands of a skilled facilitator, Kambo becomes a sacred rite of passage, a transformative journey towards self-discovery and healing. It is a dance with the ancient rhythms of the rainforest, an opportunity to harmonize with the heartbeat of the Earth, and a testament to the profound potential of indigenous wisdom in our modern world.

Ceremonial Process

Preparation: Kambo seekers are encouraged to engage in a preparatory phase, which includes maintaining a clean diet, preferably vegetarian the week before ceremony as well as engaging in journaling and intentions setting. This phase aims to create a focused mindset for the experience.

Ceremonial Setting: The ceremony takes place in a sacred and often natural setting. The God's Rose is not a brick-and-mortar location; however, we have many spaces we may work from, or we can arrange to come to your space.

Opening space: We open the space and come into a meditative mindset. The Kambo seeker drinks about two liters of water before proceeding with the medicine.

Creating Gates: The skin is carefully cleansed, and small, superficial burns or points are created, usually on the arms or legs. These openings, known as "gates" or "gates of power," allow for the application of the Kambo secretion.

Application of Kambo: The Kambo secretion, mixed with a small amount of water, is applied to the open gates on the participant's skin. The peptides present in Kambo are absorbed through the lymphatic system.

Onset of Effects: Shortly after application, participants begin to experience the kambo working throughout the body. Sensations may include warmth,

feeling of a rush of energy and vibrations, an increased

heart rate, nausea, and swelling.

Your facilitator will be with you encouraging you to stay

connected with your breath as your body is defending

itself from deep rooted toxins, fighting them out of your

system. This is why Kambo is referred to as a warrior

medicine. The mindset you have approaching the

medicine will play a major role on the effects. The more

prepared you are to surrender, the easier it will be to


Purging and Detoxification: The medicine is in effect for 20 minutes during which you will have a bucket and a nearby bathroom for purging purposes. Participants will most likely vomit, sweat, and/or have a bowel movement. When you physically release in those ways the onset effects will start to dissipate. 

Integration and Reflection: After the peak effects subside, participants enter a phase of integration and reflection. The Kambo ceremony is seen not only as a physical experience but also as an opportunity for emotional, mental, and spiritual insights. The participants are asked to dump the contents of their bucket onto a tree to signify releasing the energy that is no longer serving them back into the Earth. 


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