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Yoga in it's Original Form

Yoga is an ancient tool for overall well-being and self-exploration. Many people view yoga as a physical exercise. As that is one part of the surface level of yoga, true yoga is something much deeper. It encompasses the breathe, the voice, movements, emotion, and discipline to achieve higher levels of awareness. It is mastering the mind. 

Image by Kseniia Jin

Yoga also known as Smai Taui, the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) term for Union of the Two Lands, serves the purpose of unifying the higher and lower self. The Sanskrit term Yuj in which the English word yoga derives from similarly means union. The word Hatha derives from the Sanskrit word "ha" meaning sun and "Tha" meaning moon, referring to unifying the masculine and feminine principle. Creating balance in your mind.

Which in turn creates balance in your body and your reality,

Our hatha yoga classes we offer encompasses movement in the body into postures that are consecrated in divine vibrations. Meaning the postures have been used for generation to correlate the body to sacred geometry positions that reflect both in the material realms and in the cosmos. In both the Kemetic and Vedic practice each yoga posture coorelates to a God or Goddess which is a representation of your own divinity. We strive to bring your awareness to the energy felt and being held in each posture. 

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